Saturday, February 18, 2006

Curtis and Camilla

After Shanna of Pink Rocket posted her 99 cent store challenge, I have become obsessed with the store. One location even has books. Who knew?! I bought a coffee table type black and white photo book of barns, and a novel by Nick Fowler called A Thing (or two) about Curtis and Camilla. I figured, for a buck, I had nothing to lose. I haven't finished it yet, and it's overly laden with metaphors....but I'm enjoying the ride. I'm underlining lots of passages (a good sign for me). Here's an example:

"And we walked into my Art Nouveau vestibule. Or rather, she walked and I floated. While, as if from above, I watched myself trotting eagerly to the elevator.
As we stood there, not looking at each other, I remember wanting to pull the fire alarm so that every one of my neighbors could see the goddess who was coming over to be with....ME! I must have pressed the already-lit UP button five or six times. But as with elevators, Love, and all things that lift us away, we cannot speed their arrival by pushing."

and another example of why I keep reading:
"Our first kiss, as I've discovered of all unmerciful things (hunger, addiction, Death), was irresistibly simple. But it also held the healing symmetry of a kids' game of catch. A welcomed aphasia. That opiate earned when the self is forgotten. I realized, as we carved that oblivion out of the hope and regret between us, that, despite all the kissing cliches, this was really the language we should've been uttering all along. That the rest was all hearsay, a noisy corruption of the immaculate stuff humming between us. We were effortless together. Twinned. Every tease and bite seemed a foregone conclusion. we knew just what to do. At one point, Camilla laughed, airily, into my mouth. And I think, I thought, I knew just what she meant.
We fit."



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