Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leota's Garden

Leota's Garden is the first Christian novel I've read. My friend Tracie knows I want to mosaic a bowling ball for my first garden, and thought I'd enjoy the whimsical elements described in this book's garden also.
But it's more than that--it's about reconnecting with loved ones, and forgiveness.
It's about compassion and empathy.

"She glanced around the living room, trying to see things through their eyes. She supposed most of what she possessed was junk by their standards. They didn't know that every knickknack, stitchery picture, and stick of furniture meant something to her. Everything in her house held special meaning and sparked a memory. These stories, most of them private, some heartbreaking, some lovely, some tender." (page 287)

Some tidbits of wisdom:
"People can be like Monet paintings. You have to get some distance before you can see what they are and appreciate their full beauty." (page 411)

"All day Annie had watched family members, friends, and neighbors wander around the garden, and she kept thinking how they were all like flowers. Some were poppies, blooming bold and brief. Others were like ornamental vines, passion flowers, or trumpets. Still others were shy violets and wallflowers. And all together, what a beautiful world they made. Everyone different, everyone amazing to behold." (page 422)

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